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Sunday, 21 April 2013

Food and me .. a love story.

As a late teen and young adult I spent years feeling that I was at heart a passionate person in search of what it was I was truly passionate about. Then in 2010 I became vegan and it hit me, plain as daylight -  I LOVE FOOD! But not just any kind of food - my passion for food developed when I realised that through a plant-based diet I was discovering a whole new world of delicious foods, transforming my health and my body, caring for the planet and animals and sharing my passion with people I love along the way. It was the beginning of a great adventure and love story.
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My relation with food hadn't always been so good, in fact it used to be much more of a love/hate story.. I was a microwave ready-meal type of girl and never really happy with the way I looked. Becoming a vegan has been a beautiful shift in my life - I am healthier, happier, slimmer that I ever was, and, last but certainly not least, I am a much better cook!

This blog is born from my love of food, and is all about wanting to share my passion for plant-based foods with all of you, in the hope that you will be inspired and share recipes, thoughts, questions and comments that will inspire me right back! This blog is also about sharing my love to travel, of the earth, animals and our health-  so I'll be exploring and experimenting in my (tiny) kitchen for recipes from all over the globe, and sharing ideas, articles and photos that I hope will inspire you as much as they inspire me.

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