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About me

'Olalah!' - an expression of surprised approval used by the French. Also what I say whenever I cook/eat/see delicious vegan food! 

The Lac LĂ©man, where I grew up in the French Alps

Welcome to Ohlalavegan! Thank you for visiting.

Hi, I'm Kate, welcome to my blog Ohlalavegan. I grew up in the beautiful French Alps and I am a vegan food and travel enthusiast. This blog is about sharing my passion for cooking and being happy and healthy on a plant-based diet. To me being vegan is a way of caring for my health, animals and the planet. 

I hope you will enjoy exploring this blog and trying out some of the many recipes I will be experimenting with and sharing with you. I will also be sharing my thoughts and anything that inspires me in relation to diet, health, animal issues, embracing a plants-based diet, and travelling.

If there's anything you'd like me to blog about or if you have any questions or comments please send me a message, I would love to hear from you!

5 random facts about me:

i. at the moment I live in Yangon, Burma,  - after a wonderful year living in London. The Burmese word for vegan is Tatalo, and Yangon is a great place for local weird and wonderful veggie dishes, my favorite is pickled tea leaf salad! 

ii. over the past few years i have worked as an advocate for women who have been trafficked and with NGOs supporting  children affected by emergencies.

iii. i feel very fortunate to have lived and worked in some fascinating countries - Mali, Burkina Faso, South Sudan, Kenya, Uganda, Liberia and Nepal. Now that I'm not hopping on a plane every few months for work I do my traveling through the kitchen instead - I find recipes from different countries and 'veganise' them!

vi. i have an aid worker Canadian boyfriend who is trying to convert me to being a Canucks fan and a super cute cat named Hatty,  who is a champion curtain climber! 

v. i daydream about owning a vegan cafe one day!

In Ethiopia - kids mistaking me for a climbing frame :)

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