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Monday, 11 November 2013

Fruity Rice Porridge

Preparation time: 10 minutes
Serves 1

I am a unashamed porridge addict. But since arriving in Burma, with the stiffling heat, this addiction has dwindled, perhaps a steaming bowl of cooked oats is better appreciated on a cold and rainy English morning. Turning my back on my usual oat-fix has left me searching for a new go-to number 1 breakfast. Mango smoothies have become a favorite, but I'm a breakfast person, I need something seriously filling to keep me going until lunch time, and smoothies don't always cut it. 

So here's my new, wonderfully tropical alternative to oat porridge: fruity rice porridge! It gives me the satisfaction  of waking up to a steaming bowl of goodness and the energy of whole grains, keeping me from turning into a full blown Hangry monster by 11am.

a bowl of left over wild or wholegrain rice
1/2 a ripe mango (or just use any local seasonal fruit)
1/2 an apple
2 dried china plums or apricots or any dried fruits to hand, chopped
a small handful or seeds - I love Linwood's flaxmeal, cacao and berry mix
1/2 cup or more of non-dairy milk - I use rice milk

Cook all the ingredients (except the mango - I prefer to add some fruits at the end for a fresher tangier taste) in a small sauce pan on low heat until hot throughout. Add the mango or other fresh fruit and   you're ready to go! Have fun experimenting with any kind of fruits, bananas are good too and give this recipe a sweet and mushy texture. 

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