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Saturday, 20 July 2013

Oreo Cookies'n Cream Popsicles

 Makes 2
Preparation time 10 minutes (+3hrs to freeze)

How can Oreos possibly be vegan? Well, it's one of life's great mysteries, but they are. I reckon this was accidental, accidentally awesome that is.

I thought long and hard this morning about what to do with the pack of oreos I picked up yesterday, and then it struck me.. Oreo Cookies and Cream Popsicles! As far as oreo ice cream goes, this is a very healthy version, which gave me a good excuse to eat them for brunch.. yep, that's almost as socially unacceptable as having alcohol before noon, but whatever, it's Saturday! No complicated ingredients, no hassle, just delicious creamy crunchy oreo deliciousness. And now while you lovely readers rade your kitchen in search of oreos and dairy-free yogurt, I'm off to watch World War Z, Brad Pitt and zombies, what an amazing combination. 

4 oreo cookies
½ cup rice milk
½ cup vanilla yogurt
1 t liquid sweetener (or more depending on your taste)

Blend together the yogurt, milk, liquid sweetener and 1 of the oreos until smooth and well combined. Chop the 3 remaining oreos into pieces and place the pieces into the popsicle molds, then pour the yogurt mix into the molds, over the oreo chunks. Place in the freezer for about 3 hours. And there you have it, delicious low fat oreo cookies and cream popsicles!


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